Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Biking in Steampunk Style - to dinner!

Information regarding a most curious invention found me today and I thought this is just the type of newfangled contraption my little deckhands would love to see and hopefully be inspired by! Straight from Steuben's Wheelmen,

the Brass Lion ~

Steampunk trike 1

Steampunk trike 2

What a gorgeous combination of form, function, and of course a healthy dose of steampunk style. In the opinion of this humble captain, I believe that a bicycle in any of it's myriad forms or flavors is a perfect canvas upon which to let our creative steampunk energies flow and give new shape, creating an object that captures the true sense of the technology of the time while romanticizing and conveying that new aesthetic we all love so dearly.

As much fun as taking a laptop and making it steampunk, we all know that is an anachronism and while entertaining and of course beautiful, we know it's wrong, just a piece of fantasy. Bicycles actually existed during the "steampunk era" and so things like the Brass Lion look potential - somewhere, someone might have one buried in a barn for the last 100 years and not realize it, or that old picture of great-grandpa riding this to the park on a Sunday afternoon could materialize in an old family album. This could have been.

That potential to have actually been makes this so much more appealing and romantic in my mind, like a "new antique" has just been discovered. Not to take anything away from the anachronistic inventions one bit, they show just as much skill and creativity and are just as lovely, but just not as romantic in my mind. Subtle, and ultimately not even very important. Just a small gram of thought from the good captain.

Speaking of romantic, steampunk, and the good captain - A final gift for the day! Fuel for the Boiler: A Steampunk Cookbook!

From it's description:
Since time out of mind, food has brought man together. Over meals laws have been made,lover discovered,and families bonded. It is no wonder, then, that a community of people could and would create their own recipe book. What started as a simple idea on a forum (Brass Goggles)has become an all out literary project.

The captain is no stranger to the Brass Goggles forums and in fact, is a frequent quest there. I can attest to some of the mouth watering recipes in this book as well as the truly incredible steampunk community that came together (inadvertently at first) to share recipes with one another that seemed appropriate. One thing lead to another and now this is the delectable result!

Oh, and since I know how my beloved crew always complain about their wages, I have very special news...the book is free for download! With prices like free, who needs wages!?!

Now back to work!!

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