Monday, March 23, 2009

The Biggest Steampunk Creations!

Well well well, what have we here! It seems recent years have seen the number of gigantic mechanical steampunk creatures invading Old World cities has spiked. I know, typical end of the world scenario serving as the prelude to an evil overlord whose master plan actually worked out, right?

Aside from your convenient forgetting about the good captain working to thwart such nasties (or throwing a wrench in the works until offered a cush job from certain said evil overlord), I truly regret to say this was not part of an attempt to take over the world... In all actuality these mind blowing creations from François Delarozière and Pierre Orefice were all part of traveling shows in Europe commemorating events such as the anniversary of Jules Verne's passing and the revival of Liverpool in the UK.

Enjoy some of these remarkable creations for yourself and just imagine what these would look like from the ground as they passed by...

"The Sultan's Elephant"

Nearly 40' tall, it can even spray water from it's trunk onto the unsuspecting crowds. That sultan always did have a unique sense of humor, he did.

An Air Kraken!

The Wild West invades England?

The spider even spun some web, sewing together cars along the road with a giant needle and thread (simply the coolest touch to this amazing work of art!)

Before getting all sentimental about the fate of these poor cars at the whims of giant steampunk spiders....they were part of the show and not victims of random acts of giant steampunk spider violence!

Now back to work before I unleash the giant steampunk housecat on all my little mouse-like deckhands!

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