Friday, February 27, 2009

Pardon me, do you have the time? The best Steampunk watches!

Perhaps one of the most iconic elements of steampunk next to goggles are watches. Nothing speaks of your sophistication and refinement quite like a proper watch, and if you want to make a statement one of these around your wrist will certainly have people taking note!

Created by the genius Haruo Suekichi, these watches look like antiques of an age gone by when socialites and sophisticates were showing up to the theatre in their private dirigibles.

Take a look:
steampunk watch by Haruo Suekichi 1
steampunk watch by Haruo Suekichi 2
steampunk watch by Haruo Suekichi 3steampunk watch by Haruo Suekichi 4(picture credit goes to: Watchismo)

There's a great interview with Haruo Suekichi in Chief Mag here!

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