Saturday, February 28, 2009

Steampunk MMO?

So I'm crawling the web looking for some cool steampunk themed wallpapers to share when I stumble across this gem

Neo Steam - Steampunk MMO wallpaper

Now as far as Steampunk wallpapers go, I know it's far from the best thing out there, but a deeper investigation into "Neo Steam" reveals this:

Neo Steam is a MMORPG developed by Hanbitsoft together with Studio Mars. Neo steam is a full 3D game with lush graphics that will surely enhance your gaming experience. Neo Steam boasts some unique story line for all the fantasy MMORPG gamer out there. With its unique steam punk theme, gaming would never be the same.

Wait a sec...did you say MMORPG with a unique steam punk theme?!?

As a die-hard MMORPG geek for nearly a decade I have to admit that this looks pretty cool! The only thing tempering my enthusiasm is the fact that this game is undoubtedly a Korean import adapted for the NA market. There's nothing wrong with that except that culturally they look for something a little different there versus here. I'd expect developing your character will be tediously slow, and I do mean tedious especially if you've played World of Warcraft (and who hasn't :p) and seen how fast your character can level and grow stronger there.

Oh, despite the probable level curve like Mount Everest, I should mention it's Play-For-Free. Yes, that's right! Not only is it the only steampunk MMO out there but it's FREE! Kick ass.

Here's another promo image to tease you with -
Neo Steam - Steampunk MMO promotional poster

From what I can tell the game has already launched in the Asian market but it's only just entering it's Beta period here in NA. You can register for beta access on the main site linked below, but that's about all I could find in regards to release dates. I'll be sure to update if I learn more.

I wish them massive gigantic success if only to show other developers out there that there is an appeal in the Steampunk genre and theme so they make more games with that setting.

Anyway, here's the link to the official site so go take a look!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Pardon me, do you have the time? The best Steampunk watches!

Perhaps one of the most iconic elements of steampunk next to goggles are watches. Nothing speaks of your sophistication and refinement quite like a proper watch, and if you want to make a statement one of these around your wrist will certainly have people taking note!

Created by the genius Haruo Suekichi, these watches look like antiques of an age gone by when socialites and sophisticates were showing up to the theatre in their private dirigibles.

Take a look:
steampunk watch by Haruo Suekichi 1
steampunk watch by Haruo Suekichi 2
steampunk watch by Haruo Suekichi 3steampunk watch by Haruo Suekichi 4(picture credit goes to: Watchismo)

There's a great interview with Haruo Suekichi in Chief Mag here!

One of the first and best Steampunk PCs

This is one of the first Steampunk PCs mods I ever saw and it still stands head and shoulders above the rest. Created by the living legend, Datamancer, the craftsmanship and attention to detail is just astounding. Even's a linux box!

You have to see this to believe it -

That key laying next to the laptop is actually required to power it on! No, I don't just mean to open the thing up, but to actually POWER the LAPTOP ON! For the love of all things holy man, does it get any cooler??

Here's the laptop opened up -

Is this man not a god! Every element seems to reach across time to evoke to style and design of the Victorian era. This would be a breathtaking work of art but it's functional too. And this is just one of Datamancers many steampunk conversions and mods. It's no wonder he was featured in Wired magazine!

I highly recommend checking out his site, you will not be disappointed.

Oh yeah...he sells a bunch of his steampunk creations too ;)

First, an Introduction!

Welcome to Adventures in Steampunk! My little slice of the internet devoted to all things Steampunk. The first question you might have is - What does Steampunk mean? Thanks for asking! Here's why wikipedia has to say:

Steampunk is a sub-genre of fantasy and speculative fiction that came into prominence in the 1980s and early 1990s. The term denotes works set in an era or world where steam power is still widely used — usually the 19th century, and often set in Victorian era England — but with prominent elements of either science fiction or fantasy, such as fictional technological inventions like those found in the works of H. G. Wells and Jules Verne, or real technological developments like the computer occurring at an earlier date. Other examples of steampunk contain alternate history-style presentations of "the path not taken" of such technology as dirigibles or analog computers; these frequently are presented in an idealized light, or with a presumption of functionality.

Steampunk is often associated with cyberpunk and shares a similar fanbase and theme of rebellion, but developed as a separate movement (though both have considerable influence on each other). Apart from time period and level of technological development, the main difference between cyberpunk and steampunk is that steampunk settings usually tend to be less obviously dystopian than cyberpunk, or lack dystopian elements entirely.

My obsession with steampunk began with the movie Wild Wild West, embarassing I know, but besides Will Smith the steampunk setting and the marvelous mechanical contraptions shown throughout the movie captured my imagination completely! Ever since then I have spent most of my creative energies exploring, developing and creating steampunk themes and artwork. Nothing else out there so enthralls me as the design elements that go into steampunk...large wood and brass engines belching smoke, guages and dials protuding unelegantly from all directions, and the arcane science hinted at underneath and used to bring them to life! From the simplest of devices, leather and brass aviator goggles, to lumbering mechanical colossus striding over Victorian London raining down arcing bolts of electricy and crushing everything underfoot, there is nothing in my mind half as compelling as the world of Steampunk.

Now that we understand where we are, let the adventures begin!